All assets deteriorate, even renewables. Solar Asset Management is ensuring renewable sustainability through the operation and maintenance of solar PV systems. We provide clients an all-inclusive solution to manage solar assets while maintaining system performance, reducing downtime and mitigating risk that direct management imposes.

As an ISO accredited company in Safety, Quality and Environmental systems, SAM is the industry leader in providing commercial and utility scale solar solutions to both local and international clients.

SAM’s key industry partners and existing national resources ensures a quick deployment for proactive and reactive O&M solutions while maintaining a level of contact, reporting and support to suit our client’s requirements.

Our strategic methodology involves the rapid integration of the latest renewable technologies into our existing infrastructure. By deploying future focused systems, we empower our clients and assist their adaption for growth in the renewable industry.

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Case Studies

Iconic Sydney Landmark

SAM was engaged to isolate and rectify the cause of a high-risk health and safety hazard identified on this iconic Sydney site. This issue had been identified on multiple inverters, resulting in a large portion of the system to be non-productive. As this solar system used a unique combination of products, the process for gaining a resolution was of high complexity.

After conducting a thorough investigation on site in conjunction with utilising the site monitoring software, SAM identified an insulation resistance fault registering intermittently on multiple inverters. Quickly isolating the cause of the insulation resistance fault by methodically testing each component to specification, revealed a calibration issue within the inverter configurations. Working with the product manufacturer, SAM was able to provide a quality resolution that eliminated the insulation resistance faults across the entire site.

International Retailer

After a period of low production on multiple sites nationally, SAM were engaged to perform preventative maintenance and cleans for this international client.

Upon conducting the service, multiple onsite rectification issues were identified to the client as causes for low production, such as malfunctioning switching equipment and non-responsive inverters. SAM’s service team provided recommendations and repairs for each individual site, and performed the rectification works and warranty processing on behalf of the client.

SAM’s all-inclusive solution ensured the client’s system returned to its peak performance capability securing their investments for the future.

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